Author: Joana R.




Did you know that Imoplastic Group aims to provide its customers and future customers with an innovative and differentiated service?

As our goal is to always reach higher and provide the best and most complete information, we do not send just a simple quotation, but a quotation complemented with all the relevant technical information.
In our DFQ (Design for Quotation), which accompanies the quotation, a filling study is sent, problems that need correction are identified, complemented with the ideal mechanics, mold size and much more.

Request your quotation and check the difference.
We want to be more than just a supplier – we want to be your long-term business partner and help you find the best solutions.

Product development

Another project of distinction successfully achieved.

Our collaboration in this project began when Algaesys contacted us to obtain a quotation for product development, mould making and production and shipping of parts. The client was unfamiliar with the process and, therefore, he would need our constant support.

The project consisted in creating a rotating carrier onto which algae and other phototrophic organisms adhere, slowly rotating in and out of the bioreactor, in alternating cycles of dark light.

We moved on to 3D product development, always taking into consideration the customer’s needs and adjusted according to their comments and concerns.

Communication and teamwork throughout the entire process were essential to make this project successful. We thank Algaesys for the trust placed in us and congratulate both teams for this successful project.

If you want to learn more about this project, please check Algaesys’ website.