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Dimensional control

What is it?

Dimensional control is a metrology technique that involves assessing whether a given product meets acceptable standards.



  • Although there are other measuring instruments, those that guarantee the best accuracy and information are the GOM ATOS Q 12M sensor and CMM measuring machines.
  • In this way we can provide our customer with the most varied information on both steel and plastic.


  • Measure the dimensions of the steel by digitizing them.

  • Surface comparison.



  • Measure the dimensions on the plastic by digitising them.


Example of a report generated by the software:


Dimensional control at GEOCAM (HEXAGON DEA ALPHA)


Dimensional control at Imoplastic (CMM LK ALTERA C 12.09.07)


What is metrology and why do we use it at Imoplastic Group?

Metrology is the science of measurement and its applications.

Metrology is indispensable for success in our industry, ensuring the quality of our products.

Measuring instruments:

Our customer’s satisfaction is vital. For this reason, ensuring product compliance is of utmost importance. The measuring instruments we have available to ensure the highest quality and accuracy are:

  • Atos Q 12M – 3D Scanner;
  • CMM;
  • Micrometres;
  • Calipers;
  • Profile projector;
  • Marking gauge;
  • Thickness gauge;
  • Gauge block;
  • Scales.



Gauge block

Thickness gauge



In this month of May, we celebrated World Metrology Day.
Metrology is an essential science for the mold industry.
Through measurement, the Imoplastic Group is able to provide a better service to its customers and guarantee quality in mold production, by detecting errors from the beginning.
Rigor is fundamental for excellent quality. To ensure this accuracy, we have several measuring instruments that allow us to monitor and verify, throughout the entire production process.
Excellence is our focus, trust us with your project and we will ensure accuracy and quality, get in touch with us.
📞 +351 244 572 222

Merry christmas and happy new year!

The IMOPLASTIC Group wishes our partners and employees happy holidays!


Christmas is a time for sharing and union and we can proudly say that Imoplastic Group is more united than ever!
We thank everyone who supported us daily to fight our battles and allow us to continue to grow.
We wish you all the best this Christmas and a prosperous New Year!
Happy Holidays!


In addition to manufacturing molds, Imoplastic Group also makes repairs and improvements to molds that were made outside the Group to provide better quality to the customer.
In this case, a mold was sent to Imoplastic because the injected plastic part had a stain that could not be solved with injection parameters. Imoplastic accepted this challenge with the same effort that it would dedicate to a mold made internally.
As expected, the mold did not arrive in very good condition, so, it was necessary to analyze all the changes that had to be made along with the customer.

The technicians confirmed that the operating system of the slide had to be changed. In addition, minor changes were made, such as adding hydraulics, gas springs, new water circuits, a tenon, among others. These small changes would be of significant importance after the modification.
In addition, we were asked to assemble and fit a new cavity, made by us previously, but which had never been well turned (externally).
After the changes were completed, the mold was tested. At this stage, another problem was detected – the slide had weld pores that were impossible to remove. A new slide was made. After a new try-out, we were able to confirm that the mold was OK, as planned.


Imoplastic Group thanks everyone who contributed this year to its continuous evolution.
Our goal is to always offer the best and, therefore, we wish you the best this Christmas and New Year!
Happy Holidays!


We are proud to announce that Imoinject has been recognized as a Gazelle Company!

As mentioned in Jornal da Marinha Grande, Gazelle companies are “innovative, capable of positioning themselves differently in the market, where they establish their competitiveness and instantly build success, strongly contributing to job creation.”

We would like to thank everyone who placed their trust in Imoinject and made its growth and success as a company possible.


In order to consult the industries on the current situation, Imoplastic Group had the privilege of receiving the visit of the Hon. Mr. Minister of State, Economy and Digital Transition, Dr. Pedro Siza Vieira and his entourage.

This visit was also attended by the representatives of CIMRL, NERLEI, IPL and IAPMEI.

The reception took place at Imoplastic, where the history of the group was presented and our success explained. Later the visit was lead to Imodrill – the company that has the most recent facilities of the group.

See the video:

Warping and Shrinkage problems

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