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Mission and Values

Our Mission

Development and Moulds Manufacture

At GEOCAM our mission is the development, manufacture and delivery of high complexity medium and large-scale moulds for the plastics industry, and with the adequate profitability to ensure the development and continuity of our business.

Our Vision

Recognized by its excellence

Our VISION is to become a benchmark supplier in the moulds sector, with products and services recognized for their quality and innovation, and competitiveness in prices and delivery times.

Our Values

The culture of values

In the fulfilment of our mission towards the VISION we aspire, we commit ourselves to the following values:

  • Ethics, Transparency and Honesty
  • Training, Appreciation and Respect for our Employees
  • Involvement and Partnership of all stakeholders
  • Quality, Competence and Credibility
  • Entrepreneurship and Sustainability
  • Creativity and Innovation


Cristina Domingues

Administration and Finance

António Mota

Commercial and Sales

  • +351 244 587 950
  • +351 969 457 032

Cátia Graça

Rheological Studies and Commercial Assistant

  • +351 244 587 950

Luis Ferreira


Rita Carreira


David Sebastião

CNC Machining

Miguel Estrada

Drilling and Erosion

José Ferreira


Cátia Monteiro

Control and Quality


We rely on approximately 80 collaborators

We are a multidisciplinary, qualified and motivated team, daily answering to the needs and demands of our industry

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