Organization & Management

At Imoplastic Group we invest in process innovation and streamlining. In this sense, we analysed our needs and collaborated on a software design that would allow us to improve the best functioning of all processes. The created software – which facilitates the passage of information across departments – enables us to improve management, organization and productivity, thus making us more efficient.

As we’ll demonstrate below, these improvements are extremely noticeable in the organization and management of the warehouse as the application allows us to have an overview of stocks and manage them, in order to accurately calculate orders, avoiding waste. In this sense, the software has an automatic alert system for minimum stocks, ensuring that there is no lack of material.

Another advantage that this program brings is the ability to view all scheduled try-outs. This way we’re able to know what the next day’s try-outs are and organize and check out the necessary material.

The worth of this software becomes clear considering that in the past everything was manually recorded on a fixed placard in the production area. The warehouse manager had to go to the production area to analyse it and take notes in order to prepare the necessary materials.

This way, the systematization of the warehouse was achieved. The forklift is also connected to the application from an integrated tablet as well as the scale. Meaning that in a single action we can organize the material, weigh it and automatically update the stock.



This software has many uses among several departments – especially in the Quality department. Oneof these uses is the easy organization and management of the try-out calendar because it allows to schedule the try-outs and/or productions.

Managing the try-out schedule is extremely helpful as it allows you to predict the workload of all machines and manage them in the best way possible. This management avoids unnecessary mould scheduling changes, saves time and avoids material waste. It is also important to mention that this app facilitates and optimizes the process of try-out changes, as there are often last-minute changes at the customer’s request.

Another advantage that this software brings to the Quality department is the access to the document folder of the mould being tested from the tablet

This way, the previously formulated checklist can be checked and what has been done verified, instead of taking notes and return to the computer to update the files on the server. It also allows to fill the try-out reports directly.


The software is able to send out alerts to the Quality department as soon as plastic parts begin to be injected and the machine operator gives the OK to the Quality department to approve them, thus reducing the time of this process and preventing non-conforming parts from being injected in the meantime.


Expedition / Invoicing

The benefits of the program are also quite visible in the area of expedition/ invoicing. Previously, the injection parameters of a try-out were entered manually, which sometimes led to misinterpretation. Now, the software automates these processes avoiding human errors.


También acelera todo el proceso generando automáticamente una prefactura con todos los detalles de la prueba o producción. Whenever these pre-invoices are generated, the due person receives a notice so that they can follow up.
This software also makes it possible to generate all invoices automatically, greatly reducing the time needed for this action.



For the commercial department it is also useful to work with this software as they have constant access to the company’s schedule of try-outs and productions and can also choose to receive alerts whenever a try-out is scheduled or unscheduled.

The commercial manager has, thus, the possibility of improving the response time to the costumer, as he accesses every available scheduling information, rather than having to wait for other departments to provide with an answer.

It is also a benefit for the customer once the presentation of the try out report is automatic, eliminating, therefore, any misinterpretation.

We come to the conclusion that this software is an essential tool allowing all information to be constantly available to every department, avoiding and eliminating errors and speeding up all processes so that everyone works in harmony and with maximum organization, efficiency and productivity.