In addition to manufacturing molds, Imoplastic Group also makes repairs and improvements to molds that were made outside the Group to provide better quality to the customer.
In this case, a mold was sent to Imoplastic because the injected plastic part had a stain that could not be solved with injection parameters. Imoplastic accepted this challenge with the same effort that it would dedicate to a mold made internally.
As expected, the mold did not arrive in very good condition, so, it was necessary to analyze all the changes that had to be made along with the customer.

The technicians confirmed that the operating system of the slide had to be changed. In addition, minor changes were made, such as adding hydraulics, gas springs, new water circuits, a tenon, among others. These small changes would be of significant importance after the modification.
In addition, we were asked to assemble and fit a new cavity, made by us previously, but which had never been well turned (externally).
After the changes were completed, the mold was tested. At this stage, another problem was detected – the slide had weld pores that were impossible to remove. A new slide was made. After a new try-out, we were able to confirm that the mold was OK, as planned.