We are proud to announce that Imodrill has been certified with ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standard.

Imodrill was founded in 2012 within the Imoplastic Group – a group already visible in the mold industry. Its initial objective was to support the group companies in the initial work of the molds (overtopping, drilling, thinning, …), as well as training young people giving them the opportunity to move up their careers and develop within the group companies. However, with the growing demand from the global market and the concern for national and international recognition, our organization has seen the growing demand for our products as the opportunity to grow and make Imodrill a standalone company – just like the others in the group.

During this growth, our organization saw the Implementation of a Quality Management System as an added value, allowing it to provide the necessary confidence to the loyalty of national and foreign customers, but also for the opportunity of continuous improvement that allows competitiveness in an ever-changing market.
The biggest challenge during the implementation process was the description of the organization’s processes and the creation of a common language across the Group.
The achievement of this stage was made possible only by the commitment of all employees, by the monitoring of Management, and also by the collaboration of APCER, which, having already worked with the other companies in the group, is able to follow and maintain the professionalism required by the companies in phase of accreditation.

Telma Meneses, Quality Management