The simulation of the plastic part exiting the cavity/core must be always done on every mold design to avoid possible collision of the plastic part. Sometimes, even when the simulation of the inclined cam slide stroke to de-mold the negative is done correctly, the collision may still occur – as you can see in the image below: in this specific case the plastic part will collide with the inclined cam slide box.

The failure to detect this issue will implicate costly solutions at a financial level and will affect the lead time of the mould’s test. In addition to the possible client’s dissatisfaction, other involved consequences are having to go back to the drawing department to do the modification of the project of the mould; returning the mold to the machining and, consequently, to the assembly department. Finally, an additional test will be needed to validate the solution. In this specific case, the inclined cam slide’s box was increased, by adding an insert, making it a successful solution.