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ImoInov is a company from Imoplastic Group which aims to create new production processes with the purpose of playing an active and innovative role, always attentive to the market’s demands and challenges. Founded in 2020, it was created to offer support to its clients, both in the pre-sale and after-sale of the moulds, while investigating and researching innovative methods and techniques for the manufacturing of moulds and injection of plastic parts.

It works as a bridge between the internal experience of its organization and its clients in solving and monitoring the challenges encountered before, during and after the manufacturing of the moulds. It has a specialized team that gives technical support for quotations, in order to be an added value on mould design through its DFQ (Design For Quotation).

It also offers support in decision-making through the detection of possible problems during the quotation process.
Having the responsibility of representing Imoplastic Group as a whole, ImoInov intends to be an advantage in supporting and innovating projects.

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DFQ (Design for quotation)

  • Accurate Quotation
  • Planning and Precision
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Investigation and optimization of processes in the design of moulds

It investigates innovative methods and techniques for the manufacturing of moulds, with professionalism and knowledge, building confidence with its clients.

Develops continuous processes for the manufacturing of moulds.

Provides a team for the analysis of numerous situations at the client's facilities.

Helps to identify and conceive the best manufacturing process.

It investigates the best materials to use for the manufacture of the mould, always considering the required quality of the final part and the quantities to be produced.

Maintenance and adjustment

It works as a bridge between its clients and the internal experience of its organization, offering technical bench support to the producers of plastic parts.

It monitors and solves possible problems encountered in the moulds in production, namely in maintenance and tuning.

It performs Bench Services and Moulds Repair Services at the Client’s facilities, upon previous analysis of the situation.

Consultance and training

It answers its challenges through consultancy and technical advice, where the technicians meet the client’s interests to investigate the problems in the mould and determine an action plan. It also carries out structural analysis / fatigue / wear studies in the moulds manufactured by Imoplastic Group or as a customer service, if the client requires.

Optimizes existing processes and investigates alternatives which increase efficiency in mould manufacturing. This innovation of processes allows the improvement of manufacturing processes which make them better, faster, and cheaper.

It answers its challenges through consultancy and technical advice, supported by Rheological Analysis of the Process of Injection - Filling - Compaction - Warping - Cooling.

It also invests in training with the intent of offering its employees with knowledge in new areas to provide a better service to the client.

Meet our


Carlos Monteiro

Quotation and Commercial Technician

With 12 years of experience as a quotation and commercial technician and more than 20 years in mould design, conception, and interpretation, Carlos has carried out numerous unique projects in which knowledge and engineering are crucial. He faces challenges with optimism and creativity - which allows him to meet client’s needs, ensuring the quality of his work.



Eduardo has been part of Imoplastic Group for 25 years and has 30 years of experience as an injection mould designer, having done numerous training courses related to current technology and mechanics. Currently, he dedicates himself to the study of the client’s plastic parts, making his analysis for the design of the mould, always having in mind the quality, price, and deadlines. He is responsible for the validation of the mould’s design, verifying if both the client’s and Imoplastic Group’s standards and requirements are being fulfilled. He has an active role in the search for solutions and improvements for future moulds.



Inês has a strong background in finite element simulation analysis, acquired throughout her master’s degree in mechanical engineering. She carries out these analyses with the goal of preventing possible problems, both at the level of rheology and at a structural level (mould components). With a strong dynamism, capacity for innovation and learning with the other teams, she seeks in each project the unique detail to obtain the best results.



With 20 years of experience in mould try-outs and a unique knowledge in the field of polymers, Nuno carries out rheological studies to create ideal conditions in the processing of raw materials and identifies problems in the injection process. He supports the commercial area in solving problems, warning about possible solutions during the quotation process. He has practical knowledge of numerous processes, such as 2K, gas assisted injection, cloth over moulding and sequential injection. He is responsible for continuous improvement and the training of new members.